Rotary Day Of Service
March 6th, 2022 was World Obesity Day. An Educational Walk was organized by the:
- Rotary Club of Aruba;
- Rotaract Club of Aruba;
- Interact Club of Aruba (Schakel College);
- Interact Club of Colegio Arubano;
- Interact Club of International School Aruba, and;
- JUMP 18, a multidisciplinary childhood obesity prevention program in Aruba. 

This was Rotary District 7030's First Annual Obesity Awareness Movement event for all clubs and members on March 6th, 2022.

This event was a walk, including an educative scavenger hunt. There was 3 routes to prevent agglomeration:
- two routes of 4 km each, and;
- one route of  2 km, being the child friendly route.

Participants needed to take pictures and solve riddles. The activities were linked to ways to prevent obesity and the questions are directed on knowledge and awareness on Child Obesity Prevention.



The winners of the Educational Walk