An alternative fundraising event in trying times
Rotary Club Aruba is extremely grateful for the support received during the four Sundays  
of the Container Sales 2021. Our clients contributed to a good cause in our community, with every item they bought. The venue of this event was Club Kibrahacha 60+.

President Frederick Nuboer expresses his appreciation to all the visitors of the event and looks forward on welcoming them back at the Fiesta Rotaria in 2022. Special thanks goes out to all the companies that contributed with donations of goods that were sold during the event. 
The event was not possible without the efforts of the members of the Rotary Club of Aruba, Rotaract Club of Aruba, Interact Club of Aruba, Interact Club of Colegio Arubano and the volunteers of Scouting Aruba and Club Kibrahacha 60+.