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Below I would like to share with you excerpts my incoming speech as President of the Rotary Club of Aruba for 2021-22
"Assistant Governor (AG) Lufrido, IPP Geert, Past Presidents, Fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and guests. I hope you are enjoying our turn-over dinner.
My question to you Rotarians: Are you ready to get busy?  It is time to start burning the Corona FAT, accumulated since March 2020.
But before that, permit me to thank IPP Geert and our outgoing secretary Milton for leading us through a challenging club year. Geert introduced the Movement Committee to keep our membership healthy by exercising on Saturdays. We will make sure that our members continue moving during this new club year. IPP Geert also introduced the alternating regular members’ meetings with fellowship events. This gave our membership variety in difficult times. Thank you IPP Geert.
Our incoming board has started planning since the beginning of this year to jumpstart you service minded Rotarians! Together we prepared and presented our first Strategic Plan. Special thanks go to my Interact co-founder Shelby for taking the lead on this essential project.
Training for our new and seasoned members, Rotaractors and Interactors is in the pipeline: our designated trainers PP Orlando and PP Bert have prepared a Training Plan and will provide us with all the knowledge on how we all can serve our community better through Rotary, Rotaract and Interact.
In order to keep up with amendments set forth by Rotary International’s Council on Legislation, we requested assistance from a local notary to   overhaul our articles of association. PP Stanley is in the driver's seat on this and by October we should arrive at our destination: new and improved regulations for our club.
After missing two Fiesta Rotaria, FR Wichard, IPP Bert and our Fiesta team could not wait till the next Fiesta in April of 2022. We are getting warmed up with a container sale at Club Kibrahacha 60+. Pass the word: Tell your family and friends to go to Kibrahacha on the coming Sundays. This is an entirely new fundraising event just to get us ready for Fiesta Rotaria 2022, so we all need you to assist in raising the much-needed funds for our community.
And now to what is closest to my heart: the youngest of our Rotary family. Both Interact Clubs are an awesome success. They make us all proud every time they plan and execute their projects.  A synergy is forming between the members of both clubs. Cooperation with the Rotaract and our club in joint projects has shown amazing results.
Our club earned the District Special Achievement Award for “Most Dedicated Commitment To Environmental Sustainability”. We thank the Interact Club of Colegio Arubano, especially PP Frederick and PP Ailani. We will continue supporting the Interact Club of Colegio Arubano with the watercooler project.
The Interact Club of Aruba, at Schakel College, besides being very active in too many projects to mention, they had the time to participate in the Environmental Olympics organized by Interact Club Creating a New World Suriname and earned an award for this. Congratulations.
Fellow Rotarians: It’s going to be an awesome club year! Why? Because this year we are initiating a new Fellowship on Rum. Yes! Fellow Rotarians Bert, Stanley, Diego and yours truly founded a new way to channel our passion for rum by enhancing fellowship in Rotary. Everybody part of the Rotary family and non-Rotarians are welcome to join. This is our way to Serve to Change Lives!
My personal commitment to you is to leave our club in a better state than I found it and to have fun while serving our community. Thanks to the organizing committee for this lovely evening.
Being an aviator and having peace as part of my name, I found the following phrase appropriate:
May the wings of PEACE hold you and may your spirit FLY."

Yours in Rotary,

Frederick Nuboer
President 2021-22