Contributing to reduce global warming

Piedra Plat - Members of the family of the Aruban Rotary Club's, being Rotary Club of Aruba, Rotaract Club of Aruba, Interact Club of Aruba and Interact Club of Colegio Arubano planted trees on Tree Day, being August 1st, 2021. The trees were grown and donated by the Assistant Governor Lufrido Croes of D7030. AG Lufrido, Rotary Club of Aruba President Frederick Nuboer, Ms. Rebecca Maduro of Rotaract Club of Aruba, President of Interact Club of Aruba Ms. Isabella Ingwersen and RCA Past President Ravee Nandwani planted the five fruit trees during a fundraising event at Club Kibrahacha 60+. Planting of fruit trees at Club Kibrahacha 60+ is part of an international project towards reducing global warming.