Rotary Club of Aruba is honored to give back and provides AWG 25.000 to the "Happy to Give Back" initiative of CEDE Aruba.
Aruba is a small island, but our people have a big heart to help others. Aruba is going through difficult and challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. From the start of the situation on Aruba, Rotary Club of Aruba has taken different initiatives to provide support to ones that needed the most. That is why Rotary Club of Aruba decided to support the "Happy to Give Back" project of CEDE Aruba with a financial support of AWG 25.000 on behalf of Rotary Club of Aruba, Rotaract Club of Aruba, Interact Club Aruba - Schakel College and Interact Club Colegio Arubano.
As Rotary Club of Aruba we always supported and will continue to support initiatives that are beneficial to our community. Especially now, it is utmost important for our community to come together and provide help and support where possible and needed. 
We would like to thank the community of Aruba for their support to our projects such as "Fiesta Rotaria", "Rotary Golf Tournament" and our "Annual Raffle". With your support and contribution, Rotary Club of Aruba can continue to help and contribute to initiatives such as "Happy to Give Back".
We would like to wish CEDE Aruba and its volunteers a lot of success and perseverance and we are convinced that together we can overcome this situation. 
See the following video for a message from the Rotary Family of Aruba.