Rotary Club of Aruba responds to the COVID-19 pandemic on the island by supporting a couple of organizations within the community.
In relation to COVID-19 on Aruba, the Rotary Club of Aruba took the initiative to provide support to certain organizations on the island with supplies to help them during these difficult times. A monetary donation has already been made to the Red Cross Aruba. In addition, we have donated and delivered refreshments to the ones that are in the frontline in fighting the spread of the virus on Aruba and providing care to the ones that are or might be infected, Department of Public Health, dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital and ImSan Hospital in San Nicolas.
Earlier this week, we were also part of the team which supported Happyponics with the preparation of 1000 cups of lettuce soups, making sure that locally grown lettuce doesn't go to waste. These soups are now frozen and to be distributed the ones in need.
Rotary Club of Aruba would like to thank the following organizations that made these donations possible Divi, ASD, YMCA, Mr. Glenn Ridderstap, Ellcey Trading, Romar Trading and Nature’s Discount.
Be Safe!