Water cooler project reaches next phase
The water cooler project is directed on two Areas of Focus, being:
- decease prevention and treatment, with special focus on child obesity;
- water and sanitation.
The Rotary Foundation Committee of the Rotary Club of Aruba is in charge of the District Grant request and execution of the water cooler project.
The application was filed with the District Grant committee by means of:
- a letter, dated September 24th, 2021, with information on the proposed water cooler project;
- a signed club memorandum of understanding 2021-2022, dated September 24th, 2021;
- a completed District 7030 grant application form;
- accompanying emails and letters to provide additional information on the proposed project.
We received the good news on October 27th, 2021 that our request for the District Grant was approved. 
In the meantime we received the funds of the grant on the dedicated bank account.
The order of the water coolers has been placed and we are waiting on delivery.
Soon we will have water cooler installed at different schools in Aruba.