Fiesta Rotaria - Fundraising Event

The Fiesta Rotaria initiated in 1960 as a small event held at the Sociedad Bolivariana with music, a well stocked bar and many prizes. It was in 1981, that Rotarians re-invented the concept and introduced a one-day flea market. This was held for the first time at the Wilhelmina Park. Numerous visitors attended the flea market and it was extremely successful. The net proceeds at that time were AWG. 2194,41. Fast forward a couple years later, the net proceeds are now approximately AWG 350.000, which includes proceeds from the one-day flea market and the lottery. 


The Fiesta Rotaria is the biggest generator of funds for the Rotary Club of Aruba. Nowadays the event is held on the parking lot of the Stadium Guillermo Prospero Trinidad in Dakota. The Fiesta Rotaria remains one of the biggest social events for the whole community that many people look forward to it each year. 


The Rotary Golf Tournament


The Rotary Golf Tournament is our second largest fundraising event. In 1999 the first golf tournament was organized as a second fundraising event for the club at The Links at Divi Resort. In the following years the event was held at the Tierra del Sol golf course and was added to the regular schedule of Aruba's golf calendar. 

Aside from raising funds, the tournament also brings many business members of the community together to enjoy a competitive round of golf while having fun. At the end of the tournament awards are handed out and attractive prices are raffled.